Lion Effort 2015, the international exercise of Gripen user nations, took place at the 21st Tactical Air Base in Čáslav between May 11 and 24, 2015.
Twenty two Gripen fighters from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Sweden participated in the event.
During the exercise participating aircraft has be flying Composite Air Operations [COMAOs], in two waves – one in the morning and a second one [SHADOW wave] (Basic Fighter manoeuvring) in the evening.
Packages of jets has conduct air-to-air training of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures that allow them to practice cooperation and to operate alongside each other.
German Typhoons jets and Polish F-16s fighters has support Lion Effort flying from their respective home bases.
A NATO Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) platform has assist with command and control operating in Poland.
Thailand, whose air force also operates the Gripen, has be taking part in an observer role only.

It has been 10 years that Gripen fighter jets have
guarded Czech airspace and Gripens, also used by Sweden and Hungary, join the Czech Republic taking part in
military exercises now underway in East Bohemia.
While the Gripens are arguably the centerpiece of Lion Effort, they are not alone, but are being joined in the skies by L-159 light fighter aircraft, Mi-24 attack helicopters, transport helicopters and CASA transport planes.
Recently, the country ordered Litening III targeting pods, and now it was time to looking to extend the role of its Gripens with an air-to-ground capability training.

2018 South African Air Force (SAAF) plans to host the multinational Gripen user exercise Lion Effort.

6 x JAS-39 Gripen Czech Republic Air Force
8 x L-159 Czech Republic Air Force
1 x Mi-171 Czech Republic Air Force
2 x Mi-24 Czech Republic Air Force
1 x CASA C-295 Czech Republic Air Force
1 x Let L-410 Czech Republic Air Force
11 x JAS-39 Gripen Kingdom of Sweden Air Force
5 x JAS-39 Gripen Hungary Air Force
2 x F-16 Fighting Falcon Poland Air Force
1 x flying center management and early warning AWACS
2 x Eurofighter Typhoon Germany Air Force

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